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Episode 1081

How to Stay Christian in College

Topic: Education
Students, attending college means stepping out into the front line of the war for your faith. In order to hold fast, arm yourself for battle.
Episode 1080

Our Wedding Date Is Set — Why Not Have Sex Now?

Topic: Sexual Purity
God created sex for marriage. He designed it as beautiful gift and placed it precisely where he knew it should be.
Episode 1079

Is God’s Grace Really Free, or Does It Cost Me Everything?

Topic: The Grace of God
We by nature don’t delight in God but in his gifts. New cars, our job, even our phones all compete for our supreme joy unless God transforms our hearts.
Episode 1078

Retirement Homes and Caring for Aging Parents

Topic: Life Issues
One way to honor our parents is to love them as we love ourselves. If we would hope to be helped in our old age, we should find ways to help our parents.
Episode 1077

When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark

Topic: Corporate Worship
Members of our churches learn truth not only from the sermons they hear, but also from the songs they sing. Lyrics on Sunday morning matter.
Episode 1076

Do All Religions Lead to God?

Topic: Cults & The Occult
Jesus provides the litmus test for all religions. Any religion that refuses to worship him is a false religion.
Episode 1075

Should a Single Parent Get Married?

Topic: Parenting
Two parents are better than one. But does God require a single parent to marry if he or she doesn’t desire marriage?
Episode 1074

My Best Life Now?

Topic: The Christian Life
Following Jesus brings suffering we could have avoided. But the alternative is losing your soul while only gaining the cheap pleasures of the world.
Episode 1073

Does John Piper Overplay Bible Literacy?

Topic: Bible Reading
Was Piper right to say, “You don’t have a chance against the devil unless you know how to read and understand God’s word”?
Episode 1072

Should We Memorize Catechisms or Scripture?

Topic: Bible Memory
A catechism can help children interpret the Bible, point them to important Scriptures, and capture the whole counsel of God’s word.